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Why wait for college? Go to BUSINESS SCHOOL today!


Business Etiquette | Sophisticated SheEO™

To BE A SheEO™, a girl must be prepared and ready to succeed in school or in business. This is not your ordinary etiquette course - it’s professional etiquette! The course will explore manners for meetings and social media; written, verbal and non-verbal communication dos and don’ts; “power poses”; and more!

Turn Problems to Products | Healthy SheEO™

To BE A SheEO™, a girl must be a creative and critical thinker to solve problems for herself and her community. Entrepreneurs take the extra step to multiply those solutions into products and services for everyone. The course will explore effective collaboration, problem solving, global awareness, and more.

Handling Her Money | Economical SheEO™

To BE A SheEO™, a girl must be able to handle her money… honey! She must understand the basic principles of income and budgets, production and consumption, banking and credit. This course transforms these basic but important concepts into fun, girl-friendly hands-on activities.

Girlpreneurship | Entrepreneur SheEO™

Dream It, Plan It, Do It, Own It and BE A SheEO™! Has she considered business ownership? Does she have an entrepreneurial mindset? Or is she an “intrapreneur”? She will set goals, make plans and consider entrepreneurship as a career. The course will explore idea recognition, business planning and ownership.

Building Her Brand | Original SheEO™

Tell her she can BE A SheEO™, because she is special and has something great to contribute to the global community. The course will explore a personal BRAND and a product’s BRAND. Learn about intellectual property, “the marketing mix” and create her own logo on “Paint and Promote” day.

Lil' SheEO™ LaunchPad

Get ready, set, GO and BE A SheEO™! Join our "miniature makerspace” to sketch, model, dream and design. Girls are guided through the idea development process. LaunchPad gives each lil’ SheEO an opportunity to “pitch” her idea (public speaking skills) and take the experience home with her own video.

Enrichment classes for girls ages 6 - 16. (Ages may vary by location.)



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