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Make a difference and a dollar as a Program Licensee!

Empower every GIRL to #beaSheEO where you work or live by running your OWN SheEO Academy afterschool classes and school break camps!

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Social Enterprise

SheEO Academy's vision is to empower girls to take steps towards business leadership or business ownership. Our founder wants to level the playing field and change the statistics and opportunities for females.


Tested Curriculum 

SheEO Academy has been developing and facilitating programs successfully since 2008. The founder and lead developer is  an experienced business professor with years of lesson development and delivery.


Niche Focus and Market

SheEO Academy is hyper-focused on introducing and educating girls in business leadership and entrepreneurship. That is why it is a great compliment - not competitor - to most youth programming.

Are you ready to add SheEO Academy curriculum to your business, organization or school?
Click here to schedule an informational chat with the owner.

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