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Girl Scouts™ and SheEO™ Academy: Both Building Future Business Leaders

When you think of Girls Scouts™ what words come to mind? How about the word G.I.R.L.™ - a Go-getter, Innovator, Risk-taker, Leader™. These may be GSUSA’s words, but the exact same words can describe the impetus behind the creation of SheEO™ Academy. SheEO™ Academy was created with the goal of empowering the entrepreneurial spirit of girls, and just like the Girl Scouts, we are preparing the girls of America to be go-getting, innovative, risk-taking leaders who work to solve problems and lead businesses. Let’s explore these characteristics:

  • Go-Getter - Both Girl Scouts™ and SheEO™ Academy bring out the ‘go-getter’ inside each girl by motivating them to believe that their ideas are attainable and matter. SheEO™ Academy supports girls who are ready to take their ideas and run with them. Through our entrepreneurial courses, the girls learn to identify their dreams, the path to take to achieve it and how to go for it! Girl Scout™ badges such as Money Manager, Budgeting, Financing My Dreams and Financing My Future help girls visualize success.

  • Innovator - SheEO™ Academy celebrates innovation by allowing girls to think “outside the box.” We work with the girls to first identify problems in the world that need solving. We then help them figure out exactly how their business will solve those problems using innovative ideas. Participants are encouraged be creative in re-inventing something that already exists, or to create a funky future twist to original ideas! Girl Scout™ badges such as Inventor, Product Designer, Social Innovator and Entrepreneur help girls expand their ideas into many different directions.

  • Risk-taker - “Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear” (Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul). Girl Scouts™ creates the foundation for girls’ self-esteem and SheEO™ Academy builds upon it. We also want the girls to be risk-takers, and it is through our classes and camps that girls explore how taking risks and being an innovative and solid leader can bring about great rewards for themselves and their communities. Girl Scout™ badges such as Business Plan, My Portfolio, Customer Insights and Meet My Customer allow the girls to build risk-mitigation skill sets.

  • Leader - Girl Scouts™ develops leadership skills and SheEO™ Academy allows the girls to put these skills into practice through entrepreneurship. With our wide range of classes and camps where teamwork is required, SheEO™ Academy empowers girls to live out their dreams and be “a girl in charge”. From brainstorming their business ideas together to structuring those ideas into a plan and then executing it, we believe that a strong and motivated work ethic produces a strong and motivated leader. Girl Scout™ badges such as Cookie CEO, Business Owner, Philanthropist and Think Big motivates girls to see themselves as leaders and take charge.

Learn more about our SheEO™ Girl Scout™ Business Badge workshops and daycamps at today!

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