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The Mission

The mission of SheEO Academy® is to provide tools and training to help young ladies lead and succeed in life and in business. Because even though women are starting more businesses, they are not GROWING their businesses, they are not going to BUSINESS SCHOOL, they are not receiving INVESTMENT equal to their male-owned counterparts and they are not being invited to join boards or being PAID their fair share.  


Our vision is to Empower the CEO in EVERY GIRL. Our goal is to TELL HER while she is young that SHE CAN #beaSheEO, then... 


Here is how we acheive the mission.

Her family says Mrs. Robinson-Chew was making products and selling them at a really young age. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, which meant she was exposed to business ownership. As she grew older, she realized that this was not the norm. But despite the exposure, Mrs. Robinson-Chew knew she was missing something. She did not get mentoring or encouragement to pursue entrepreneurship as a career option. She would be called "different" and sometimes "crazy" by people who couldn't understand her interests in starting a business.  

Her career path led her to become Director of SBA's Women's Business Center of Northern Virginia. While working there, she heard stories from women who also lacked mentoring and delayed pursuing entrepreneurship because it was not normalized for them and they did not have role models.


It was then that she realized her calling and accepted the mission to introduce entrepreneurship to GIRLS and help them see themselves confidently and believe in ENTREPRENEURSHIP as a viable CAREER option...

to tell all girls they too can BE a SheEO!

Our Founder & SheEO
DeShawn Robinson-Chew
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Contact Mrs. Robinson-Chew to speak to your group, school or meeting on

  • why girls-only programs still matter

  • how entrepreneurship for girls is different than for boys

  • why entrepreneurship should be counseled in schools as a viable career option

  • what moms and dads can do to encourage their entrepreneurial child

  • the challenges and rewards of being a Black female founder



Be knowledgeable,

be professional, 


and take CHARGE!


Take care of your business, so it will take care of you and your community.


Use what you learn to earn and build wealth.

Money is a resource,

so make it work for you.


Dream it. Plan it. Do it. OWN IT!

Your ideas can

make a difference.


Everyone has a unique gift.

Share your gift with the world and the world just may pay you for it.

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