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 She-EO® LLC 

The Mission


The mission of She-EO®, LLC is to provide tools and training to help young ladies lead and succeed in life and in business. Because even though women are starting more businesses, they are not GROWING their businesses, they are not receiving INVESTMENT equal to their male-owned counterparts and they are not being invited to join boards or being PAID their fair share.  


Our vision is to Empower the CEO in EVERY GIRL. Our goal is to TELL HER while she is young that SHE CAN #beaSheEO, then... 


Here is how we acheive the mission.

The Team


At SheEOTM Academy, a SheEO Coach is a very special person and a professional tasked with carrying out our vision of empowering the CEO in every GIRL as an instructor, a facilitator, a mentor and yes, even a real business COACH.

A SheEO Counselor is a responsible young person who has an interest in changing the world... one girl at a time. The counselor is an assistant working alongside an instructor at a program location.

SheEO Interns are high school juniors, seniors or a college student who is looking for a unique career experience in a social enterprise.

Learn more about joining Team SheEO!


The Girls & The Parents


A little Miss SheEO is motivated, creative, curious, kind, out-spoken, energetic, and

...A girl in charge!

The little Miss SheEO is probably already involved in enrichment, or she volunteers, or she reads, or is creative, and of course... may already have a product or service idea and may even be producing or selling it NOW.

The parent of a young SheEO is proactive, forward-thinking, resourceful and understands the value of investing in their young boss. 

See what the community has to say about us.



Be knowledgeable,

be professional, 


and take CHARGE!


Take care of your business, so it will take care of you and your community.


Use what you learn to earn and build wealth.

Money is a resource,

so make it work for you.


Dream it. Plan it. Do it. OWN IT!

Your ideas can

make a difference.


Everyone has a unique gift.

Share your gift with the world and the world just may pay you for it.

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    DeShawn Robinson-Chew, MBA  

Contact Mrs. Robinson-Chew to speak to your group or conference on

  • why girls-only programs still matter

  • how entrepreneurship for girls is different than for boys

  • why entrepreneurship should be counseled in schools as a viable career option

  • what moms and dads can do to encourage their entrepreneurial child

  • the challenges of being a black female founder

Founder & Owner of She-EO, LLC


I realized early that I was an entrepreneur, but I did not learn that in school. Even though entrepreneurship was not spoke of much in my community, I was surrounded by entrepreneur role models. Many of them in my own family.   It knew business was important and knew someone - somewhere - had to found and owner those businesses. But the entrepreneurs I knew did not talk much about their work and definitely did not see it as a career option.

I knew I was different than most of the other children.  In spite of that, I embraced my "calling". I created products and sold them all throughout my school years. I studied business in college and even started a home-based business before graduation. In graduate school, I studied under an entrepreneurial fellowship. All of this exposure and experience just fueled my interest in entrepreneurship more.  I began to meet business owners. But I still did not receive the mentoring or encouragement from them to pursue entrepreneurship. I just could not connect the dots.  I always felt that I wanted to build and grow something - a business!  It was a part of me. Though I could not see it as a viable career option and it seemed no one else could either. 

Then  my interest and education led me to become Director of the Women's Business Center of Northern Virginia. While there, I heard similar stories from the women who I trained, helped and counseled in their businesses. Stories of delayed dreams, lack of mentoring opportunitieslimited financial backing and missing family support. Then it hit me! I realized my calling and accepted the mission to introduce entrepreneurship to younger women - GIRLS - and help them see themselves confidently and believe in ENTREPRENEURSHIP as a viable CAREER option...

to tell all girls they too can BE a SheEO!

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