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Why wait for college? Go to BUSINESS SCHOOL today!

SHE INNOVATES transparent.png

Badge #1

She Innovates

Are you the next great innovator? Yes you are!

You have great ideas that solve world problems and fulfill community needs. With knowledge of the steps to turn your idea into a product or service, you will gain the confidence to become an inventor, developer or entrepreneur.

SHE OWNS transparent.png

Badge #2

She Owns

There is nothing like the feeling of accomplishment and ownership. Especially when it leads to personal empowerment, self-sufficiency and wealth building. Discuss business careers, use new business language and learn how to develop a business and financial plan.

SHE NEGOTIATES transparent.png

Badge #3

She Negotiates

True empowerment enables girls to speak up and represent their interests in a responsible and self-determined way. Being able to confidently act on their own authority. Nurture healthy debate and conflict resolution skills and encourage respectful dialogue that ensure success in a board room, a court room, or a class room.

What is a


a new type of credential earned by

young learners after completing skill-building activities that are aligned with industry career competencies.

The clickable badge can be listed or displayed on an academic resume or a digital portfolio or college applications.

Each badge is completed during a 10-session class held afterschool in person or online.

Class lessons are developed upon the foundation of 21st Century Skills: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity. 


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