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Be a summer SheEO!

Learn and explore with a youth business.

Are you and your family ready for summer? Here is an activity that is fun in the sun, but will also teach your daughter about planning, organizing, marketing and creativity, as well as earning and counting money. It’s a business!

Did you or your friends have a lemonade stand when you were young? Doesn’t a lemonade stand conjure fond memories of summer? It may have even been your first work experience. Your lemonade stand may have been the first time you heard and learned the word “entrepreneur”. When children have the opportunity to experience creating a product or service then managing a little enterprise, it teaches so many life lessons and skills. They can learn vocabulary like profit, production and cost of goods sold. It is also an activity that taps into their creative side and allows them to express their own personality which can build confidence that lasts a lifetime

Lemonade stands are always in season. Here are ten more summer business ideas where your daughter - by herself or with friends - can be a SheEO!

  1. Snow cone (or popsicle) stand

  2. Popcorn (or candy) stand

  3. Babysitting/mother’s helper

  4. Dog walking

  5. Pet-sitting/feeding

  6. Making and selling dog biscuits, treats or toys

  7. Plant-sitting/watering

  8. Yard work

There are even business ideas for kids to create “Passive Income.” Your daughter should understand that she can create products or services that require little to no effort to maintain, but will continue generating income.

9. Write or illustrate and self-publish a book or ebook

10. Be a toy unboxer OR social media influencer or unboxer (get free items instead of money)

OR start a YouTube channel (for girls ages 13 and over or younger with parent permission).

We will be highlighting each business idea on and and will suggest steps to get started, a list of start up materials, tips and resources. Did we miss any ideas? We would love to hear your ideas. Post them in the comments under this Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn blog post.

And of course, your daughter can learn about business, product development, finances and more by joining SheEO Academy for Camp SheEO - in person and online. She will have the opportunity to make new boss friends and collaborate with other creative and motivated girls on business ideas. Visit for details. Have a great summer!


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